Queenscliffe Historical Museum
The Queenscliffe Historical Museum is situated in Hesse Street between the Post-Office and Library, in the township of Queenscliff.
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Opened in 1974, specifically to house socially historical materials peculiar to the Borough of Queenscliffe (which includes Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale and Swan Island) the museum is home to many thousands of items including photographs, documents, paintings, newspapers and toys, just to mention a few. There is also a display of shipwreck relics recognised by Heritage Victoria. Many of our visitors just enjoy looking at the past, but increasingly we have found that research is often the reason for a visit. Whether you are a local resident checking on family history, local property titles or a student preparing a project, you will not be disappointed with the resources available.

When next in Queenscliff pay us a visit and become immersed in the pioneering days that made the township what it is today. Otherwise
contact the museum for research assistance and availability of publications.